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How to Change the Complementary Color of Your Website

Your site uses one additional color which can be seen in the color of the logo, icons, buttons, underline links, headings in the price list or in the e-shop headings of the product name. This additional color is preset to the template you selected in order to maintain a consistent design. If you wish to change this color, please proceed as follows:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select Design in the left column, then go to Change Colors

3. The window for changing the complementary color of your website will open.
Please note: Web content editing is not available in this window. You can return to editing by clicking the X or Save changes in the upper right corner. 

4. The color menu can be expanded in the Complementary color menu. The color change will be reflected in all elements made with a complementary color on the page and selected as active in the advanced settings. If you choose the first color menu from the left (in the original template colors), the pages will not have any complementary colors.

5. In the upper right corner you will find Advanced settings. If you do not have a specific complementary color set (see point 4), you can select one of the color palettes.

6. If you have chosen a specific color, you can choose which elements will be affected by the complementary color change. If you leave the button disabled for that element, the elements will be in the base color.

7. The selection of the complementary color must be saved in the upper right corner. Or you can close the complementary color window without saving the changes by clicking the X next to Save changes.

TIP: The color can be changed directly in the edit field for normal text. If you change the color of the heading or subtitle directly in the text field, changing the complementary color does not affect these texts; you will need to change the color manually again.