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How to Change the Font of Your Website

Your site has a specified font for all text on the page that is preset to the template you selected in order to maintain a consistent design. If you wish to change the font, please proceed as follows:

1. Go to SETTINGS.

2. Select Design in the left column, then go to Change Fonts.

3. Open the window to change the font of your site.
Please note: Web content editing is not available in this window. You can return to editing by clicking the Save changes or X in the upper right corner.

4. A selection of fonts is available on the left side of the menu.

5. Save the selected new font in the upper right corner, or close the font settings window with the X without saving the changes.

TIP: If the change is not reflected in the font of the text that is placed in the header of an initial picture of the page, the font can be changed in the text box editor. In the same way, you can change the font of the logo or other special elements. Common text editing and formatting is described in this article.