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How to Invite Other Users to Edit Your Website

Learn how to invite other people to help you edit your website.

1) Log in to your Webnode account and click Start to edit.

2) Click the SETTINGS button in the top menu.

3) In the box that pops up, click the Website Editors tab.

4) Now click the INVITE COLLABORATOR button.

5) On the next page, click the Invite a friend button.

6) Enter the email address and assign what rights your new collaborator will have on your website.

7) Click Invite. The new user will receive a verification email. They have to open that email and verify their email address before they will be allowed to edit your website.

You are able to add or delete users whenever you would like.

User Rights:

Website Editor: the user has permission to edit the website.

Administrator: the user can edit the website and can change the website's settings. This includes adding, editing and deleting users.

For written, step-by-step instructions on inviting collaborators to edit your website, click here.