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Working with text and the text editor

This article is about the original Webnode editor. If your site was created in the new editor, you can go to the new article How to Add Text.

Writing texts is very important when creating your site. With the Webnode text editor your can simply edit text just like in any text editor (Word, Writer, etc.).

1. You can easily create blocks for your text content by clicking on the "Text and Images" button in the toolbar. A new text block is inserted into the middle column of page.

2.  The text block that you have just created is ready to be filled with content. Click on "Edit Content" in the black menu bar of the block to open it for editing.

3. The "Text and Images" window will pop-up and you can start typing text just like any other text editor. You can format the text using bullets, headings, styles, and even insert images. Once you are satisfied with your content and your changes you need to save your work by clicking on the "Save" button at the bottom right corner.

Tip: If you need to insert an image into the text you will find more infomration in the "Working with pictures" article. For more information about working with text, see the section "Working with images and text.