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Inserting and editing catalogues

This article is about the original Webnode editor. If your site was created in the new editor, you can go to our knowledgebase for new editor.

A catalogue can be used as a reference list, a people directory (such as "Our Team"), or as a list of products. Items are arranged neatly and it is easy for visitors to navigate.

1. First log into Webnode and then go to the site editor and open the page you want to insert the catalogue, but we recommend that you make a completely new page.

2. Insert a new catalogue through the editor under "Contents", click on "Lists" and then "New list".

3. In the "Item List" pop-up window type the name of the new catalogue and confirm by clicking "OK".

4. The catalogue will now appear in the middle column of the page. Click "Add item" in the top of the black bar catalogue...

5 create a new record, or item, in the catalogue. These records can be filled in as needed. You should insert the name, and there is also a text box that you edit like any other Webnode text box and you can also insert an image for each item. To publish the record directly just click on "Publish" (changes will be visble to site visitors) or you can save it by clicking "Save" (changes will be visble only in the web editor, not for site visitors).

6.You can see the changes immediately in the editor.

7. If you want to edit or delete the record, move the cursor over its right edge. There you will see the symbols for editing and deleting records and click on the symbol you need.

8. You can manage the entire list of catalogues using the "Lists" in the "Content" in web editor toolbar. Use the drop-down arrow to open the specific options for each catalogue. You can insert a on any page on your site, rename or delete, or view the full list of items entered so far for easy viewing and editing.

9. If you want to change the settings for the list of items in the catalogue, click "Settings" on the black menu bar.

10. The "List settings" window will open where you can set how many records you wish to display on each page in the catalogue and filter options. Confirm your settings by clicking the "OK" button.

11. If you need to delete a catalogue from the page (not entirely removed from Webnode), do it by clicking on the red X in the top right of the black menu bar.

12. To remove a catalogue completely from of all the Web pages in your Webnode project go through "Lists" in the "Content" section in the web editor. Click on the drop-down arrow the catalogue and select "Delete".

13. Publish the changes you have made.

Tip: Catalog can also be used to insert news. It allows, in contrast to articles, images for each article.