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Can I use my own domain for a website created with Webnode?

Yes! You can easily register or transfer a domain to your Webnode project.

Domain Registration
To register a new domain with your Webnode project, go to the project administration section and select "Register new domain". After receiving the order and processing your registration payment, the rest of the process is carried out automatically. Your new domain will be registered and set up with your project in about 24 hours. For more information, please take a look at our domain registration article.

Domain Transfer
If you already have a previously registered domain and want to use it with your Webnode website, you can also transfer the domain registration and hosting to Webnode. While transferring your domain is free, you only need to pay the renewal fee to extend the registration period. After we process your order and payment, we'll walk you through any registration procedures and handle all the technical steps after that.