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Can I change the type of website I have?

Unfortunately, the type of your website cannot be changed for technical reasons. Each website category (personal, business and e-shop) has its own characteristics, so it is not possible to change this.

However, it is possible to create many sites of different types under your user account. There is no limit to the number of websites you can have

Here are the basic differences between the three types of websites that Webnode offers you:

1. Personal website
Ideal for personal web pages, blogs and photo galleries, on a personal website you can share your thoughts and interests, create a forum or a blog, and add photos and video files, as well as all kinds of widgets and applications.

2. Business website
Ideal for a business site, you have the option to choose from a variety of professional templates with ready-made text for over 100 business categories.

3. E-shop
If you want to sell products or services through the Internet, creating an online store with Webnode is your best choice. Leave the technical issues to us and focus on the management and sale of your products.