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Information About Automatic Renewals

Automatic renewals are an extremely useful tool which helps Webnode protect you from the loss of your purchased domain or Premium Services due to expiration. When the expiration date of your Premium Services or domain nears, Webnode will automatically renew the services using the payment method used during the initial purchase of the service.

1. During the first payment for any Webnode service made using PayPal or a credit card, the payment method is saved in the Webnode payment system for the renewal of your services. Please be aware that automatic renewal is enabled by default when you make your purchase.

2. Automatic renewals can be managed in the project detail by clicking on Purchased services and billing.

3. You are able to change your automatic renewal status at any time from the editor by clicking Settings.

4. In the General settings tab, click Active services and billing.

5. You are able to enable or disable your automatic renewals at any time in the administration of your website.