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How to purchase Premium Site Security

In this guide, you will learn how to purchase the Premium Site Security add-on service, which includes IP Filters, Form Protection and Malware Scanning

The Premium Site Security service can be purchased with premium service packages (from Limited to Business), but not without a purchased package. 

Premium Site Security can be purchased: 

1. When purchasing a new package

2. When manually renewing/extending the package

3. When switching to a higher package (if the service is not already purchased)

Therefore, the additional purchase of the Premium Site Security service is not possible without switching to a higher package or extending the new one. 

Price list: 

Limited: 5.90 £ (5.90 €/7.90 $) /year 

 Mini: 8.90 £ (9.90 €/12.90 $) /year 

 Standard: 12.90 £ (14.90 €/18.9 $) /year 

 Profi: 17.9 £ (19.90 €/24.9 $) / year 

 Business: 19.9 £ (23.90 €/29.9 $) /year 

The purchase itself: 

1. For the purchase, you can proceed as in the case of purchasing a package of premium services.

2. You select the function directly within the given order by ticking the relevant field.

TIP: If you are interested in canceling this paid service, please contact our customer support. We will be happy to help you with changes in prepaid products.