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U.S. Sales tax

In the United States, sales tax is governed at the state level. As a seller, you have the obligation to collect sales tax from a customer that lives in the same state where your company is located. Hence, you are not required to collect sales tax from buyers that live in a different state.

You can activate Sales tax settings when creating your online store. Tick Yes for Sales tax and click Finish & Create.

If you have already created an online store, you can change your Sales tax settings as follows:

1. Click Settings in the upper menu of the editor.

2. Click the Online Store tab and then click Configure under General settings.

3. Choose the correct option denoting if you want to collect sales tax in your store and click Save. Please check your local tax laws.

4. Click the Online Store tab and click Set up under Tax.

5. On this page, you can set up taxes for each state.

6. Click the name of a state to set the tax rate. Click Save.

7. If a buyer is from the same state as you (i.e. Idaho), the tax rate will be displayed.

8. If a buyer is from a different state, no tax will be displayed.

Note: Webnode does not automatically adjust tax rates in the event that they change. Be sure to check your State’s tax rate is up-to-date.