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How to Set Up Package Tracking

Once you have this feature set up, your customers will be able to see when they should expect their package to arrive. After signing up with the shipping company, you will receive a URL from them that you will enter into your online store's administration. From that point forward, the shipping company will issue a shipping number for your packages allowing your customers to track their packages. For more information about how each companies tracking system works, please contact the shipping company or refer to their website.

1. Click SETTINGS in the upper corner of the online store editor.

2. Choose the Online store tab and then click Set up under Shipping methods.

3. Choose the pre-added option DHL. You are able to change or edit your shipping methods at any time or create a new shipping method. A step-by-step guide to creating shipping methods can be found in the article How to Set up Shipping Methods.

4. We will base this guide on DHL's tracking system. This feature will also be available for other shipping companies as well. The process of setting up package tracking will be similar among all shipping companies. When working with a new shipping partner, be sure to ask if they also offer package tracking.

Go to the DHL homepage and click Express in the menu. Enter the order number that you received from the shipping company and click Track

5. Click the address bar and replace the package number with {PACKAGE_ID}. Copy the edited URL.

6. Return to page where you can edit your DHL shipping method in your website's administration. Paste the copied URL into the field Shipping tracking URL. Save you settings by clicking Save.

The URL for tracking only needs to be entered once. If you entered the URL correctly, it will work for all packages using this shipping method.

Now, all you will have to do is link your orders with the tracking code.

7. In the details of your online store, click Orders.

8. Click the order you would like to add tracking to.

9. Click Fulfill order.

10. Check the box Enter tracking information and enter the package number that you received from the shipping company. In the same window you can also notify your customer that the package was shipped. Click the Fulfill order button to complete this step. More information on orders can be found in the article How to Manage Orders.

11. Once the order is marked as fulfilled, your customer will automatically be sent the following email stating that the order was shipped. In this email is a link to the tracking information.

TIP: Take a look at the purchasing process through the eyes of your customers.