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How to set up e-shop email communication

In this guide, you will learn how to configure the email address used when sending orders, and the e-shop email address.

1. To configure email communication, click on Store settings and then on General settings.

2. Here in the Email communication section you can change:

A. Email for receiving orders—the address to which notifications regarding customer orders will be delivered.

B. Store’s email address—the address from which information about purchases in your e-shop will be sent to e-shop customers. To be able to set up an e-shop email address, you need to have your own domain on the project, with an email address already created.

ATTENTION: If you only have a assigned domain on Webnode, it is likely that DNS records will need to be modified on the domain, more information in the article SPF and DKIM records required for assigned domains (email verification).

C. Customize e-shop emails—edit customer order notifications. Editing automatic notifications is a premium feature available in the Business package. If you have a lower package, only notifications are sent to confirm and send the order. You can find complete information about this function in the article How to edit automatic notifications.

Don't forget to save all changes by clicking Save.

TIP: If you have a domain email address set up, but it does not appear in this setting, please write to customer support. We will check to see if your domain is configured correctly.