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How to Set Up a Wire Transfer as a Payment Method

In your online store, you can also set up a wire transfer as a payment method. Payment details will be sent to the customer in automatic email that he will receive after confirmation of the order.

1. In the project detail select Store Settings and Payment methods.

Payment methods

2. The second option for set up a wire transfer is through the editor. First, click on Settings.

Click on Settings

3. Choose the Online store tab and then click Set up under Payment methods.

Payment methods4. Your existing payment methods will open. Click Add new method.

Add new method

5. Select Wire Transfer.

Select Wire transfer

6. Enter the fee you will charge for this payment method. If you are a VAT payer, choose the tax amount. In the Transfer Payment Instructions box, enter the account number to which you will receive payments from customers. Click Save to confirm your changes.

Wire transfer settings

7. Customers will be able to choose payment by wire transfer during the purchase.

8. Payment information will be automatically sent to the customer by email together with the order confirmation.

Order confirmation