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How to Add a Contact Form

1. Position your mouse in the section so that the plus button for adding new content appears.

2. Click it and choose Contact form.

3. Navigate the cursor to the plus button between fields to add a new field.

4. Choose the type of field needed.

5. By clicking the field, you are able to change the text, properties or even delete the field.

6. Publish the changes.

Tip: If you would like to add more than five fields to your contact form, you will have to purchase a Premium Plan.

Tip: With a Premium Plan, your visitors are able to upload files to your website from the contact form. They are limited to 2MB when uploading 1 file and 7MB when uploading multiple files.

Tip: If spam is delivered to you via the form, we recommend that you consider purchasing the Premium Site Security add-on services, which include IP Filters, Form Protection, and Malware Scanning.