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How to Delete Email Accounts

In this tutorial, you will learn how to delete a previously created email box. In general, to create an e-mail address you need to have your own domain and a Premium Package such as Mini, Standard, Profi or Business. 

ATTENTION: It is not possible to delete the mailbox on a mobile device, this can only be done after logging in on a computer.

1. In the project detailsclick on Administration and then on Email accounts. 


2. You can also access email accounts directly from the editor by clicking Settings. 


3. In the Email Accounts tabclick MANAGE EMAILS.

4. Select the created email address and click Delete. 

5. Confirm the deletion.

TIP: Iffor exampleyou delete an address by mistake and want to restore itplease contact our customer service.

TIP: If you have created the maximum number of e-mail boxes and you need to create another one, you can increase the package, or delete one of the current ones (for example, less used ones) and create a new one.